Smartphone LoRa connection DIY
Here's how to connect your phone to a LoRa module using standard components, along with an example chat program.
This project will help you create a connection between your phone and a LoRa module using the USB port and an Arduino Lilypad USB. There is an example chat app for point to point communication, and, you can modify it to make even a TTN sensor out of a smartphone :)
Step 1: Hardware
You can chose between these two Atmega32U4 3.3v 8MHz models, although the black one seems to be a little bit better, the blue one stops working sometimes with my black phone ...
It is important to use OTG cable adapters
Note about the PCB
there are 2 options, left or right
Choose one depending on what side you want to solder your chips
Since it is going to be in touch with your phone, I make use of a sandpaper and transparent tape to make it smoother and protect it from short circuits
there actually is transparent tape covering the contacts :)
Setup Arduino IDE for development
Code is hosted in, it is open source, feel free to contribute, reporting bugs or making suggestions would be great :)
Download it and open:
Change Sketchbook location under file --> preferences
If needed add additional boards under file --> preferences... I've been using:
Now select your board under tools --> Board (maybe not the same as the picture, chose yours)
It should now compile, upload it to your board and configure it using the web interface
That's it, I hope it is clear enough... if you have problems, feel free to ask any question
Step 3: Custom App
If you want to get rid of the chat system and read/write raw bytes from/to the RFM module open the Android Studio Project, edit the following file and add your logic.
I hope it is clear enough
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