CH340 USB to ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 ESP-01S ESP01 ESP01S
Setup Arduino IDE for development
This project runs on Arduino IDE, note that you can use any other framework you like. It is not difficult but you have to do one or two things in order to compile it.
Code is hosted in, it is open source, feel free to be constructive, reporting bugs or making suggestions would be a great contribution :)
Download it and open:
Change Sketchbook location under file --> preferences
If needed add additional boards under file --> preferences... I've been using:
Oldest tested version is v2.6.3. Latest tested version is 2.7.1 ... you can find it under tools --> Board --> Board Manager
Older versions don't work properly, newer versions are not tested.
Now select your board under tools --> Board (maybe not the same as the picture, chose yours)
It should now compile, upload it to your board and configure it using the web interface
That's it, I hope it is clear enough... if you have problems, feel free to ask any question
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